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AEAL is a research program of the John Muir Institute of the Environment at the University of California, Davis and an affiliate of the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences

Here at the Aquatic Ecosystems Analysis Laboratory, we engage in a wide range of investigations into the health and behavior of aquatic ecosystems. AEAL research span all levels of biological organization, from the invisible world of molecular and metabolic processes, to the visible realm of organisms, and to the complex interactions of populations, communities, and ecosystems. Ecology, behavior, ecotoxicology, genetics, disease ecology, and conservation are just some of the disciplines we integrate into our analytical effort.

This multidisciplinary approach is essential in ecological research, and contributes greatly to our main objective: to understand how natural and anthropogenic stressors affect individuals, populations, and ultimately, ecosystem function.

Mail: Watershed Center 1201, UC Davis, One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616
Physical: 1490 Drew Avenue, Suite 150, Davis, CA 95618
TEL: (530) 297 4684  FAX: (530) 757 3498

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